About Us

We Established in 2011. J.K. Aerobics & dance Classes is acknowledged for its unwaited success in providing fitness knowledge to help its members achieve there goals.

The journey of J.K. Aerobics began on 20th November, 2011. The number of students were so few that they counted on fingers but today we have come up with flying colours. This success was achieved only due to student's mouth publicity because they got best results & that too without any kind of supliments nor any kind of diet.

J.K. Aerobics may be a fitness business but the thing most important to us is our members. We value our members & always tries to be the place where our members can come for an hour or two to work on their personal fitness.

Our Mission

Learn practical techniques to focus the mind and eliminate the majority of mental sufferings.

Access deeper level of inner awareness. Awaken your greatest inner potential.

Increase capacity of self healing.

Release unwanted habits, tension and self limiting beliefs.